UAB „Redzius“ introduce - LED fixtures Selador® from ETC.

In the end of 2007 UAB „Redzius“ has bringed to Lithuania first D&B Audiotechnik Q-series louspeakers set.
Worldwide well known company's MA Lighting control equipment was purchased by VsI „Menu spaustuve“ and VsI „Meno fortas“.


       Redzius UAB was founded in 1994.

       Enterprise specialization – preparing of technical projects for theatres, culture houses and other entertainment places. Necessary equipment supply and installation. More then twenty years experience let us to complete offers, which are with the worldwide leading manufacturers technical advantages. Choosing the quipment, our priority is inovation and the ratio of quality and price.

       Company's main activities - sales of light, sound, video, stage machinery and stage textiles equipment.

       Enterprise sales: static and moving lighting fixtures, lamps, colour filters, dance floors tapes, lighting/sound/video control equipment, dimmers, sound and video equipment, stages, platforms, trusses, stage machinery, dance floors and vinyl floors, signal cables for audio/vidio/lighting and etc.