UAB „Redzius“ introduce - LED fixtures Selador® from ETC.


Professional moving-heads Spot/Wash with discharge, tungsten lamps
Luci della Ribalta (LDR)
Theatrical fixtures: PC, Fresnel, Profile, Flood;
followspots, colour changers (scroolers), TV lighting fixtures, architectural lighting fixtures
Apollo Design Technology
Yoke for lights, accessories for lighting fixtures (gobos, filters, rotators, gobo holders and etc.),
colour changers (scroolers)

Amate Audio
Professional Line-Array, Point Source, Active and passive loudspeakers, amplifiers, controllers

Main&Art curtains, Projection, Track&Technical systems, Acoustics, Dance Floor
Stage textiles, Projection, Track systems, Dance Floor
Mobile and permanent use dance/ballet floors, vinyl floors, ballet barres, vinyl tapes for dance floors
Amptown cases
Transportation flightcases for light, sound, rigging and video equipment
Interal T.C.
Aluminum truss and accessories
ASM Steuerungstechnik
Chain and steel band hoists, steel band lifting systems, TV studio lifting systems

Stage curtain track systems, manual and electrical lifting systems, pulleys

Dealer certificate  Servise certificate

Vinyl tapes for dance floors, Stagetape, Gaffer, spec. tapes
Audio ir signal cables, connectors

KLOTZ Audio Interface Systems
Instalation and premade signal cables (audio, video, network and etc.)